Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Elders - S/T CS; Meatsmoke - Meatsludge


Daniel, occasional Girth Crisis contributor and a good friend of mine, plays drums in Elders, who play, to simplify matters, Black Flag-influenced negative hardcore (and are based in Phoenix, Arizona) and feature members of Pigeon Religion, Slut Sister, Streetside Prophet, and every other band in that scene. Friendships aside, I think they're really good, and apparently I'm not alone, since if they ever record an LP, it'll be released by King of the Monsters, who released the Locust/MITB split back in '95 and haven't done anything in a while. Anyway, this is the rip of their second demo with tracks split up by yours truly. I didn't get a copy of the tape because they sold out very quickly, but then again, neither did Daniel. Oh well.


Meatsmoke - Meatsludge

Meatsmoke is a band I started early this semester to have fun playing loud. The five of us have practiced together a grand total of twice, we have played about six shows, and, true to form, the five of us were never in the same place while we were recording this demo. However, I don't think that kept it from turning out pretty well. I know this is a plug and everything, but yeah, I'd put us in the "sludge metal" and "noise rock" categories. The picture is of 3/5 of Meatsmoke doing an Eyehategod cover set because no pictures of us together exist. MYSTERIOUS, huh?


Monday, May 10, 2010



I've been booking shows at the house which I live in (and am soon moving out of) for the past year. The first time we had a show here, my friend Anthony got in touch and asked if his new band, COSMOPOLITAN, could play. He's a great dude so it didn't take much convincing. They started playing and Jesus, they were tight, energetic, loud, and original. They got through about three and a half songs that night before the cops came and shut the show down, but I was totally blown away, and have since seen them perform about ten times, a few instances of which have been in my basement. Anyway, this was recorded on a Zoom field recorder in my basement with an audience of about seven people. It sounds good and it's the full set, and they're totally on as usual. Anthony has said that they're going to change their name soon, but for now they are COSMOPOLITAN.

Anyway, more descriptively, COSMO play "noise rock" which usually falls somewhere between Lightning Bolt and the Melvins, but with a flair for showmanship neither of those two bands possess, as well as a technical bent which would make Buzzo cry. Anthony (bass/vox) and Matt (drums/vox) are always on their own wavelength, so watching them live is a sight to behold. (Sometimes they don't even count into their songs!) Anyway, I feel like they've got a pretty good chance of getting "big," so don't sleep on this: