Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Sup internet?! I've just been chilling and going to school and shit. Daniel and Mike have been doing the same I guess. I just got internet at my haus and it's pretty fast so I decided to do a post. I was going to upload a rip of the Fin cassette by Divisions, which is some of the most ripping shit ever, so I forgot and instead just uploaded some of the other music I've been digging lately. Some new, some not. Enjoy.

Sourvein- s/t

Sourvein represent a good deal of what I've been listening to these days: slow, sludgy, riff-driven, fucking loud. This band is very bluesy and my closest approximation of their sound is a slightly less abrasive Eyehategod. The vocals are pretty sweet and this is overall a very good release by a very good band. I think they may have broken up, because one of their guitarists married Jus Oborn and now plays in Electric Wizard mk. II. I considered putting Dopethrone up in this post, but if you don't already have that you have little business checking out a Sourvein record.


Ramesses- Baptism of the Walking Dead EP

Continuing the trend of bands featuring sometime members of Electric Wizard, Ramesses features 2/3 of the "classic" EW lineup, the one that cut fucking Come My Fanatics..., Supercoven, and Dopethrone and therefore have earned themselves a lifetime of doom cred. I honestly like Ramesses slightly more than the Wizard's Witchcult Today. There's some sonic similarity between the two, but Ramesses does have a distinct black metal influence, most obviously in the vocals. At first I couldn't get into this but holy shit, this crushes. I guess these three songs are going to be rerecorded for their new album, so get stoked.


Entombed- Wolverine Blues

I find the direction this band took hilarious, even if I do love this shit, in all seriousness. Entombed cut two seriously legit death metal albums (I mean, they did that shit as well as anyone), then I guess decided that they wanted to have verses, choruses, and solos in their songs; thus, death 'n' roll was born. I feel ridiculous when I listen to Wolverine Blues, but I just can't resist.

UPDATE: I'm an idiot and forgot to post the link.